Ki No Bi (45.7%) / Komasa Hojicha (45%) / Sakurao Limited (47%)

+3x FT Indian

Not content with disrupting the world of whiskey, Japan has continued to rock the spirits world by producing top class gins.  As with many of their arts, the Japanese distillers continue to hone their craft in the pursuit of perfection.


1. A complex blend of bitter citrus with perfumed cedarwood painted upon the canvas of the umami

     of green tea and sansho pepper.  Paradoxically, this complexity demand a pairing with a simple dish,

     and as odd as it may be, chazuke comes to mind.


2. The richness of the shochu base is readily apparent in this gin, and the hefty toast and smoky notes

     of the hojicha only serve to increase its body.  Enjoy on the rocks, or with a very dry tonic.


3. A soft salinity and the wispy traces of flowers can be found on the nose, with the palate brining up

    fragrant Japanese cedarwood and a quiet synergy of light juniper and mountain herbs.

Localovre Gin