Japanese Shiso (40%) / Lemongrass & Lime (40%) / Basil & Makrut (40%)

+ FT Elderflower, FT Indian, FT Mediterranean

The flavours of fresh herbs can be difficult to incorporate into a gin, as they are often cooked out during the distillation process.  However, these flavours, much like in the culinary world, are essential for building sophisticated and complex cocktails.  This flight includes some of the most popular flavours from our range of signature gins.


1. Incredible amount of herbaceousness from fresh Japanese Shiso,  perfect for pairing with
     yellowtail ceviche.


2. Fresh citrus notes explode from the glass, on the palate, can find notes of sugarcane and ginger.


3. Makrut lime leaf takes the spotlight, with softer sweetness of basil presenting itself on the finish. 

Origin Herbs