Arctic Blue (46.2%) / Copperhead (40%) / Procera (44%)

+ FT Elderflower, FT Indian, FT Mediterranean

We’ve chosen some of the most fragrant gins in our collection for this sensory rollercoaster, starting from a delicate distillate from Finland, a beefy Belgian gin, to a robust dram from South Africa.


1. Subtle yet overwhelming.  Notes of black fruit complement strong backbone of juniper and
     cardamom, with evergreen flavours bringing up the finish.


2. Unapologetically bold.  Violent visceral doses of cardamom, juniper and warming citrus from

     orange and coriander.


3. Vibrant and colorful, with a unique floral character on the palate the reveals itself to be peppery and

     citrusy on the palate due to the inclusion of pink pepper.

Origin Perfumed Selection