Four Pillars Rare Dry (41.8%), Applewood (43%), Scapegrace Gold (54%) +3x FT Indian

Australia and New Zealand is home to some of the worlds best wines and beers, so it’s no wonder they’ve begun to make some stellar gin that have swept awards at competition after competition.


1. First sips scream; juniper on juniper on juniper, but further explorations reveals soft citrus notes and

     the warming influence of other classical gin botanicals.


2. Resinous juniper is complemented by multiple forms of citrus, with a soft menthol finish giving this

     a refreshing day-time feel.


3. Full bodied and rich, the higher proof allows this gin to carry more flavour, packing the glass with

     classic juniper and citrus botanicals, with a soft floral undertone.

Thunder from Down Under